About Hope’s Hearth

I’m a 24 year-old woman who’s struggled with self-injury for a little over 7 years now.  I want to explore with others the secrets of how to be joyful and grateful for life no matter what! Life’s too short not to learn how to laugh 🙂 I like learning from others people’s stories, encouraging them in the midst of defeat and celebrating victories in a memorable fashion. My faith guides me as I do my best to creatively love others. I believe it is important to love Christ with my mind just as much as with my heart, which motivates me to ask thought provoking questions for the sake of becoming a wiser person.

I have a passion for coming alongside those who struggle with self-injury since it is a dark road I am all too familiar with myself. That is why I created my blog: https://hopeshearth.wordpress.com/ to share what I have learned and hopefully help others find some light on the journey toward the healthier lives we all thirst for. I also hope to find support for my own battle with it as well.

8 thoughts on “About Hope’s Hearth

  1. Hi Hope! Great blog full of encouragement. Have you read “Written in Red” by Anne Bishop? This fantasy fiction is filled with wolves, vampires and other creatures…and the hero of the story is a young woman who cuts herself. I love how it shows a strong female lead, who while she cuts, is not defined by cutting. She challenges people’s perceptions of those who self injure. She is courageous, lovable, a peacemaker, smart, and willing to do anything to help those around her. The second book of the series explores her friends’ ways of accepting cutting as part of her identity while helping her find ways to stay safe.


    • I’d never heard of that book before. I’m curious to hear about a female protagonist who does not necessarily fit into the “emo” stereotype a lot of people imagine those of us who cut fall into. It sounds like it might be a bit triggering though. Would you recommend it more as a book for those of us who struggle with cutting or for people who want to understand that aspect of us better?


  2. Congratulation for creating this wonderful blog.
    Your blog as well as each posts of this blog is very precious and pure as a crystal clear water or rain drops, I wish, I should have a good friend like you, so, whenever you have spare time please visit my blog, read my some of the posts and if you feel I am worth of your friendship,please leave you comment on my any post and that will be the beginning of this wonderful journey, remember everything is optional.
    Wishing you all the best………………

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